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Across all STEM subjects

We have created a wide range of STEM related curriculum materials with a 'Careers Theme' designed for STEM teachers - but which can also be adapted for use in enrichment activities.  All activities include a real world context and links to more careers resources.

Physics Focus
There are two sets of Physics resources for Key stage 4 - designed for all students to encourage the take up of physics post 16 - they are also designed to particularly encourage more girls to see the careers physics can lead to (seeing with new eyes and my space your space our space outer space).   Seeing with new eyes is available in three sub sections - Workshop Leader, Challenge 1 materials and Challenge 2 materials. 

Science Focus
There are sixteen sets of science curriculum materials available in the store cupboard (you can find some of these on upd8 website link below). They cover a wide range of Key Stage 3 science topics and can also be adapted for use in after school science clubs or with ambassadors and in enrichment.

Mathematics Focus
There are now a full range of maths curriculum materials for maths teachers at Key Stage 3 (working internationally, taking a risk, carbon footprints, packaging design, dispensing, working in tourism, artistic triangles, pentagon patterns and logistics).  There are also a full range of short maths careers lesson starters. All of these are also suitable for use in after school clubs or enrichment.

Design and Technology Focus
We worked with the Design and Technology Association (DATA) to produce a set of Key stage 3 D&T curriculum resources that have a careers theme. These can all be found on the DATA website link below searching under STEM Careers Resources.

Harry Potter - Science or Magic?
A series of classroom and holiday activities inspired by the Harry Potter stories. Available to download as a pdf document, pages can also be used separately.

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  • Seeing With New Eyes - Documents relating to Workshop Leader, Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 can be found in the  zip files below.
  1. Workshop Leader - Seeing with new eyes.ppt, challenge one timetable, challenge two timetable, leader brief, leader brief Annex 1, leader brief Annex 2.
  2. Challenge 1 - general team brief, Eyesay - making effective presentations. Eyesight- how the eye works, How is vision defined, Eyestopper - avoidable blindness, Eyeopener - the costs, Eyecare - looking after your eyes, Eyefeel - emotional and practical challenges, Eyerobics - the vocabulary of vision, Eyethink - presentation evaluation form.
  3. Challenge 2 - Team brief, Eyeproblems - background information, Eyedeas - brainstorming, Eyehelp - how vision aids work, Eyecan - assistive technology, Eyecouldbe - careers handout.
  • My Space Your Space Our Space Outer Space  - Teacher notes, workshop leader brief, 1star life activity sheets pdf,  2big bang activity sheets pdf,  3 drake equation activity sheets pdf, bloglog pdf, 3drake equation spreadsheet - available in zip file below.  1star life presentation ppt, 2big bang presentation ppt, 3 drake equation ppt available as separate documents. 
  • Death of an Angel - presentation ppt. student sheets, teachers guide, forensic science careers.
  • Accident and Emergency - A&E pdf, A&E stimulus slides ppt, A&E teacher notes.
  • In the Limelight - In the limelight pdf, teacher notes.
  • Bears in Trouble - Presentation ppt, student sheets ppt, teacher notes, documentary careers.
  • Levitating Train - Levitating train pdf, stimulus slides ppt, teacher notes.
  • One of our Scientists is Missing - One of our scientists is missing pdf, teacher notes, collision course pdf, Mars pdf.
  • What Makes Us Tick  - What makes us tick pdf, what makes us tick teacher notes.
  • Lifestyle Choices - Lifestyle choices pdf, lifestyle choices teacher notes.
  • Adventure Incorporated - Adventure incorporated pdf, adventure incorporated teacher notes.
  • Bright Sparks - Bright sparks pdf, bright sparks teacher notes.
  • Going Extreme - Going extreme pdf, going extreme teacher notes, going extreme into the media.
  • Working internationally
  • Taking a risk
  • Carbon footprints
  • Packaging design
  • Dispensing
  • Working in tourism
  • Artistic Triangles
  • More Artistic Triangles
  • Pentagon Patterns
  • Logistics
HARRY POTTER  For Science Teachers.  This resource looks at how things fly, the idea of 'fooling the eye' using camouflage and other techniques.