The Careers Education and Information, Advice and Guidance Practitioners Pack 'STEM Choices' 2011

STEM Choices Pack 2011 - A comprehensive resource with an overview of the rationale and practical approaches to raising awareness of STEM careers.  Accompanied by a range of examplars and resources including powerpoint presentations.  The pack is available to download as a complete document (2MB) or by individual sections.

Now available for Careers Education Information and Guidance professionals to download: 
Second industry focus supplement: 'The UK Nuclear Power Industry'
Third industry focus supplement:  'The UK Renewable Energy Industry'
Fourth industry focus supplement: 'The UK Maritime Industry'
Fifth industry focus supplement: 'The UK Pharmaceutical Industry'
Sixth industry focus supplement: 'UK Food Science and Technology Industry'
Seventh industry focus supplement: 'The UK Construction/Built Environment Sector'

In addition to download: A supplement to Equality & Diversity section of STEM Choices focus on 'Ethnicity'
helps CEIAG practitioners to promote STEM learning routes and careers in a positive way to encourage under represented groups to see the benefits of STEM options.

All supplements promote understanding of the sectors, and relevant issues intending to give CEIAG Practitioners greater confidence by providing inspirational case studies and web links to classroom resources. Use as stand alone supplements or  as a sub-section to the 'STEM Choices' CEIAG Pack.

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  • STEM Choices Pack 2011  (2MB) Complete
By Section:  
  1. Introduction
  2. Current and Future Trends
  3. Learning Routes and Pathways
  4. Equality & Diversity
  5. Where the Money Is
  6. Starters and Plenaries
  7. Industry Focus
  8. Organising STEM Events
  9. Websites
  10. Appendices
  1. STEM Choices Resource Pack- Industry Focus: The Nuclear Power Industry
  2. STEM Choices Resource Pack- Industry Focus: The Renewable Energy Industry
  3. STEM Choice Resource Pack- Industry Focus: The UK Maritime Industry
  4. STEM Choice Resource Pack - Industry Focus: The Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. STEM Choice Resource Pack - Industry Focus: Food
  6. STEM Choice Resource Pack - Industry Focus: Construction
  7. STEM Choices Resource Pack- Equality & Diversity Focus: Ethnicity
Online Module PowerPoints:
  1. Baseline Research Summary
  2. Current and Future Trends
  3. The rationale for promoting science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers
  4. Future Morph - an introduction
  5. STEM learning routes and pathways
  6. Equality & Diversity in STEM learning routes and careers
  7. Science communicators on line
  8. STEM careers quiz
  9. What's my line on line